Changing how you eat and exercise is much easier said than done.
It's not about going on a DIET. It's about eating with awareness and finding ways that work for YOU!
can help YOU
make it happen! 

The most popular option is the


Every month you participate you will receive:

  • Access to your personalized mobile app

  • One 60-minute in-person session

  • Weekly 15-minute phone sessions

  • Continuous daily review & feedback

  • Individualized meal planning 

  • Printed materials to meet your needs

The 3Ps: Paying Attention, Portion Control, Positive Reinforcement 
Meet Samantha Feldman,


Samantha's experience and accreditation set her apart and are key to why doctors choose her to work with their patients time and again. 


Samantha is a:

  • REGISTERED DIETITIAN (RD) with 25 years of nutrition counseling experience

  • CERTIFIED  DIABETES EDUCATOR (CDE) with comprehensive knowledge of diabetes prevention and management

  • MASTERS DEGREE IN EXERCISE PHYSIOLOGY (MS) qualified to assist you with exercise and lifestyle goals

  • CERTIFIED CLINICAL RESEARCH COORDINATOR (CCRC) with extensive nutrition research experience 

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So where to begin?
As part of the Results Program, you and Samantha will be connected via mobile app for ongoing consultation. You send her photos of what you eat and drink and she responds the same day.
"It's like having a nutritionist in your pocket!"
In-person and phone sessions are the norm but the program can be customized to fit your schedule.

Start by scheduling an initial consultation with Samantha via phone or email. During the 90-minute consultation, Samantha will learn all about you. Using the information, she will develop an individualized plan with detailed nutrition and exercise goals. Samantha feels strongly that the plan and goals need to be practical and accommodate your food tastes and lifestyle. This is not a diet. One shoe does not fit all to say the least!

There are many follow-up options with Nutrition Results. You can do additional in-person sessions (follow-up visit packages are available) or you can participate in Samantha’s Results Program, a comprehensive nutrition, exercise and lifestyle program which is designed for weight loss.




Choose whichever program works best for you. 

Eating Healthy

without sacrificing what you love

Reach your nutrition and wellness goals. Together we will make HEALTHY happen.

Samantha Feldman



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