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What Clients Say...

You hit the right chord in my brain, Samantha. So thank you."

James G

I am so happy I found Samantha!  I started on the Results Program and quickly saw a difference. Samantha is always available with sound advice, articles, tips, and recommendations that also work in a family environment. This isn’t a fad diet but a way of life. I can’t recommend Samantha enough."

Rebecca E

I am so excited about my weight loss. It's real life and not a printed diet. Thank you, I can't wait to see how much I can learn from you. These baby steps are making it doable and realistic!"

Illy B

Nutrition Results is truly committed to its clients.  I have been preparing for the bar exam and cannot meet with her on a daily basis. Yet she still takes the time to check in every so often for updates. She is a godsend!!"

Dylan S

"Her positive, encouraging approach, paired with the continuous food journaling and check-ins is super motivating and keeps me accountable for sticking with this journey.  I have lost over 40 pounds, and look forward to celebrating my successes with her each week."

Laura W

"Enrolling in the Nutrition Results Program was the best gift I ever gave myself. After being diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes I knew I was going to need some help since I had spent most of my life making poor health decisions when it came to my eating habits. Samantha is a true professional.  Samantha and Nutrition Results have been the key to my road to success in overcoming diabetes."

Joyce M

Samantha is there with actual, supportive, non-judgmental, and kind support as she guides you through the ups and downs of learning new, positive habits and changing the role of food in your life.  When you hit emotional roadblocks, she is there to support you. She’s a steady beacon, shining the light for you to follow to good health and wellness.  I recommend her highly."

Karen A

Samantha is my champion! She helped turn my life around. I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, it shook me to the core. Her enthusiasm, support, and methods worked for me. Over a six-month period, I lost 65 pounds and it's been over 5 years that I'm still maintaining! I have gotten physically fit, able to cycle, swim, and even run a half marathon! "

Nick A

Nutrition Results is the best place for getting healthy! Samantha's experience, knowledge, and positive outlook were exactly what my husband and I needed to get healthy. "


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